so that you STAND OUT above your competition

As the business world becomes more and more saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to STAND OUT in the ADVERTISING NOISE.

Every day, algorithms change 

Consumers grow more numb to ads on their phone.

And as business owners/operators, it’s impossible to be everywhere and shake every hand.

But the People that NEED YOU the most are out there right now, waiting for YOUR MESSAGE!


Using DAV (our Digital Advertising Vehicle),

We drive your message to the people that NEED to see it; the people that need YOU!

We help you be EVERYWHERE so that you STAND OUT above your competition

And we do this so that you can focus on what you do best: SERVING YOUR CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS.


Mobile billboards are far more attention-grabbing
than static billboards.

Boost your brand recognition 15× greater than any other
form of advertising.

“The Transport Advertising Council reports 97% recall rates with mobile billboards.”


kind words from our Clients

NCTC needed advertising that was DIFFERENT. Something that was eye catching and NEW!

DAV is always a crowd favorite! … It really grabs the eye. We gained a ton of EXPOSURE!

Also, we have campuses all over North Center Texas. So, DAV let us cover multiple areas, especially areas where signage isn’t as easy to come by. DAV helped us overcome that.

Jake Laughlin

Dir. Marketing & PR at NCTC

We are a local brand and company that needed our name visible to our market.
Runningboards came up with a SOLUTION and design that fit what we were looking for, creating a mobile marketing plan that was AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE.

John Thompson

owner of ntx pdr

Our BRAND AWARENESS locally has definitely gone way up! It’s not uncommon for someone to say they knew of us because of DAV!

Advertising with DAV seemed to be pretty much set and forget. I didn’t have to mess around with designs, online platforms, or (and this is important) agents trying to continually upsell me. You tell Matt or Emily what you want, they do it. It’s refreshing to know that conversations with them are always GENUINE!

Hayden Meek

owner of Delta 8 Denton

I wanted to get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE at a popular local event.   Emily worked with me to arrange the graphics in the BEST possible way. The BIG DISPLAYS on the sides and back featured my logo, name, and contact info in clear, sharp images!   

As a small business with a small marketing budget, RBM North TX helped me avoid the time and expense needed for print media, and ensured consistent exposure during the event.



our family

our mission

Family is the Backbone of our business. RBM North TX was founded by our family after the passing of a family member who was a Disabled Veteran. We are building our Brand to honor his Legacy, and to in turn build a better Community for those who are like Amr, our brother, son, and lifeblood.

Our Mission is to provide an Effective mode of Advertising to Promote Businesses of All Sizes so that we can Donate our Services and Time to the Community and it’s resources. 

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